Winter Field Day 2018 – 27 & 28 January 2018

The Kilocycle Radio Club of Fort Worth will be participating in Winter Field Day 2018. We will be at Holiday Park at Lake Benbrook, camp site 62 and 63. You are invited to come by and see what we are doing.

Field Day is an opportunity for radio operators to take their portable stations out to the field and operate in locations away from home. This situation gives us an opportunity to test our portable setups that we may use in emergency situations such as providing communication support during disasters.

There are several different types of operation modes that amateur radio operators use and several will be used during field day. Operations including phone (voice/ talking), CW (most refer to Morse Code), and digital (computer interfaced) transmissions will be conducted over a 24 hour period.

Some radio operators will be showing up on Friday to start setting up stations and antennas others will be out Saturday morning to set their stations up for operation. The set times for communications are 1300 Saturday until 1300 Sunday, we will have stations on the air the entire time.

Visitors are welcome to participate in station operation. Being a licensed radio operator is not required. This is a great way to get on the air and talk to folks around the state, country, and even the world.

Map to Holiday Park at Lake Benbrook:

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