Communications for The Cowtown 2018 – 40th Running!

From Keith Pugh, W5IU:


Participate in the 40th Running of the Cowtown Marathon!  The Cowtown 2018 is now a little over a month away and will be in the same general format as planned for last year.  Hopefully, Great Weather!  The headquarters location will be the Will Rogers Complex, the courses have changed a little, and it is still a two day event.  The short events – 5K and 10K – are on Saturday, 24 Feb., and the Marathon events – ½ Marathon, Marathon, and Ultra Marathon – are on Sunday, 25 February.  We will not need as many operators on each day as we did for the old one day format but the total will be at least as large.  Some jobs will be the same both days but others will be different.  We will definitely need more operators on Sunday for the longer events.  The Saturday assignments should last from about 5:00 AM until about Noon.  The Sunday assignments may start a little earlier this year due to the addition of a new early start for hand-cranked, recumbent bicycles.  Sunday assignments will likely start at about 4:30 AM and go until about 3:00 PM.  As in years past, your assignment may not last for the whole period.  Of course you can work both days if you want to.  The initial day, 23 Feb., is for the Expo only.  No running events that day.

We will use the SkyWarn School to do additional “arm twisting” for The Cowtown.  SkyWarn School is scheduled for 27 January at South Hills High School (see info about SkyWarn on Tarrant RACES web site).  When you see this notice, please go ahead and sign up on line at the Tarrant RACES web site:,  You can also sign up at the Cowtown Hamfest on 19-20 January.  Forms will be available at the AMSAT Booth.  Cowtown Hamfest web site is:  When you do sign up, it would be very helpful if you would include the following information in your e-mail to keep our database current:

  1. Your Name
  2. Callsign
  3. Telephone Number
  4. E-mail address
  5. Day(s) available
  6. Assignment Preference – if you have one
  7. Equipment available.  We are especially interested in knowing if you have 440 capability or only 2 Meter capability.  It is also helpful to know if you only have HTs or if you have Mobile/Portable capability.  Please mention if you have APRS Capability.
  8. If you have any physical limitations that would affect your assignment.
  9. T-Shirt Size

Help spread the word that we need operators – pass this on to other groups.  You don’t have to be a RACES Member to participate – an interest, suitable equipment, and an Amateur Radio Operators License are all that is required.  We will need approximately 80-90 operators total.  We will use the First Monday RACES Net on 5 February for initial training and announcements.  We always have a couple of “rough spots” that we need to iron out and there are some changes due to additional security so there will be at least one more training net and a packet pick-up held later in February before the event.  Information about event times, course maps, etc. is available in the URL at the start of this note.  Due to some small changes in the course, improved, interactive  course maps will not be available soon.

I can be reached at  We’re looking at another record year.  Recent estimates indicate that there will be more runners than last year but pre-registration is levelling off.  The Cowtown is still the Largest Multi-Event in the State of Texas.  Let’s do our part to make this another great year.

73 – Keith, W5IU, Cowtown Communications Coordinator

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